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    Issues regarding Swimmingly users

    Good morning Tracey,

    Hope you are doing well. We have had issues with other TSA reps who use swimmingly not knowing how to go into swimtopia/Meet Maestro to mark themselves ready before a meet, even as recently as this week’s meet. The flowchart has been very helpful. Please also send…

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    I would like to recruit an opposing team to compete on July 13

    Good afternoon Tracey,

    Gordy Shannon from Raleigh Racquet hasn't responded to my emails. I have sent out 3 emails to him since May. Should I go ahead to recruit another team to compete against us on July 13? Our team only does virtual meet.

    Please advise,

    Thank you,

    Hanna Chio

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    Heats backwards?

    I am seeing that some of my swimmers are showing in the wrong heats...Anyone else seeing that phenomenon? 


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    Was anyone successful uploading Hy-Tech rosters

    hello reps

    For those of you who swam last night and use Hy-Tech...were you able (as a non-host team) to upload your roster/heats into Meet Maestro for a live meet.  

    If you did, can you send instructions...we attempted to upload the .sd3 file to no avail.  

    Customer Happiness must be…

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    Meet Maestro

    Hello all,

    Last night's session was a lot to unpack and great information but I have probably a silly question for all of you Meet Maestro vets out there.  What is the order that you enter times?  So I am thinking and correct me if I am wrong. 

    1. Pink/Blues…

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    July 14th

    The Coachman's Trail Swim Team is looking for an opponent for July 14th for a virtual Head to Head.  Number of swimmers will range between 40 to 55. All age groups represented. 

    Relays optional

    We will use stop watches for timing, google sheets to compare scores and Google Hangouts to…

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    Safe Sport Conference

    TSA Teams with SAFEchild to Raise Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness Tuesday April 9th members of the Tarheel Swimming Association, together with the Community Associations Institute, met at NC State's McKimmon Center to learn about child abuse and neglect and how to prevent it in our community. Cristin DeRonja, SAFEchild's…

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    New League Website under construction

    Welcome to our new Tarheel Swimming Association League website.  Pardon our dust as we continue with construction.

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