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2022 Meeting Dates

Dates for 2022 Board of Directors meetings are:

January 18 (virtual), February 15 (virtual), March 15 (virtual), April 19 (virtual), May 17, (Traditionally is the Materials pick up drive through) and October 18th (TBD).

Virtual meetings begin at 7:00pm and invitations will be sent out 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

All BOD meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each of the 6 months in the calendar year.  Attendance to a minimum of 3 meetings is required by all clubs, however there are many changes to our league set up this season and 100% attendance is strongly reccomended.

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New TSA Reps

In order for new TSA Reps to receive email communication you need to complete a New Rep Registration link:

Secondly, you will need to confirm your email with our Secretary, Jenny Smith at the following email address:

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Overview of BOD Adjenda by Month


  • Combined Team Status 
  • Survey Results
  • Unified Timing System Options
  • New Website


  • Treasurer's report and vote
  • Leagues & Scheduling presentation and vote rank 
  • Rules discussion and vote part 1  
  • New Clubs vote (exhibition teams excluded)


  • Leagues & Scheduling And vote on Dual Meet Schedule
  • Rules discussion
  • Clinics requests and scheduling needs

April (This meeting historically is not necessary.  Content may be included in March or via email for announcements)  

  • Clinics schedule announced
  • Dual Meet and IT proceedures


  • Materials Pick up 
  • Multiple Clinics Offered


  • Vote on Calendar options for following year
  • Committee Assignments
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