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Greystone Gators

Address: Phone Number:

1115 Sawmill Road
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 848-8554

TSA Representative(s):
Eve Pedersen
Jason Edwards
Jeff Monackey
Pool and Team Information:
  • This pool has 10 lanes and is 25 yards long
  • This pool has deck lighting and is licensed to operate at night
  • This pool has starting blocks
  • We have 190 swimmers for 2023. We had 180 swimmers for 2022.
  • Timing System Used: Time Drops connected to Meet Maestro for immediate results.
    • If your team does not have an electronic timing system, we welcome you to use our system, whether we are home or away.  It is as easy as pushing a button on a fob when swimmers touch the wall.  The system automatically starts when the starter triggers the horn.  It will save your team time capturing the times on all of your swimmers.

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Last Updated: 4/16/24

Visiting Team Information:

The Greystone Gators would like to welcome your team to the " The Swamp" ~Greystone Swim & Racquet Club. We are looking forward to a great swim meet and want to share some information that may help your team.

Meet Administration

  • Our coach will have our meet lineup loaded into Meet Maestro by midnight Sunday prior to our meet.  We request that your coach do the same.  Coach Brendan can be reached at [email protected] should your coach have any questions and challenges.
  • Coach Brendan will lock and merge the meet entries by 10:00 am Monday so both teams can print any necessary paperwork. For home meets, we will print the recorder sheet from Meet Maestro for the Meet Administrator to use with the Order of Finish Judges.
  • Should your team have any no-shows or additions after that time, have your coach communicate with Coach Brendan to make the needed changes.
  • For timing, we share timing duties across all lanes with one timer in each lane from each team. It is a great way to meet others and work together toward a successful meet!


Greystone is located at 1115 Sawmill Road in North Raleigh. We are between Creedmoor and Lead Mine Roads.


We have limited parking spaces, so we do encourage carpooling. The parking lot is reserved for the visiting team.  If you cannot find a space in our lot, families can park across the street at the church or along Sawmill Road. If parking on Sawmill Road, please remind swimmers to be careful with oncoming traffic at this busy time of day.

Set Up at Pool

The visiting team sets up across the pool from the entrance behind the slide. For the visiting team, the Clerk of Course is near the diving board. The scoring computer (Meet Maestro Administration) is set up under the blue canopy near the entrance.  The ribbons are located right next to the scoring computer.

Runners and Recorder

We'd appreciate it if you could provide a runner and one person for ribbons if possible.

Pool Set Up

We have a 10-lane pool, but space is limited behind the blocks. We swim all 10 lanes for the first heat.  The scoring lanes are lanes 3 to 8, with exhibitions in 1-2 and 9-10.  Please limit this area to swimmers and kid-pushers only to prevent extra confusion. We also prefer to conduct our meets with "dive-overs" to keep the meet running smoothly. During the 6 & up races, Timers can split up where ½ can relocate to the area beside the lifeguard stand beside lane 1, and the other ½ can relocate to space on the opposite side of the pool near the deep end ladder so they can see swimmers as they cross the rope strung across the pool.

Gator Grill

Our "Gator Grill" provides many delicious choices for dinner, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and sometimes pork BBQ sandwiches. Meals include chips and a drink with the option to purchase additional snacks. We operate on a CASH ONLY basis, so please bring small bills.

Current Menu (As of 6/5/23 subject to change, pricing and availability posted at the meet takes precedence)

Additionally, Sunset Slush or Kona Ice will be at every meet and accept credit cards.

Coaches’/Parent Relays

When both teams agree, we love to have relays to "spice things up" mid-way through the meet. We do these after breaststroke if the weather cooperates.


The pool will be available for your team to warm up from 5:30 to 6:00.

Officials and Timers Meeting

The officials' meeting will be held at 5:45 pm outside the main entrance in the grassy area. The meeting is for Timers, Meet Administrators, Stroke and Turn Judges, Starter, and TSA Reps. After the general meeting, stroke & turn judges will break away for specific instructions.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to our pool and having a great swim meet!


Greystone Pool is located on Sawmill Road between Leadmine Road and Creedmoor Road.

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Greystone Pool

1115 Sawmill Road, Raleigh, NC 27615, USA Directions 35.8862481 -78.6665097 Map of 1115 Sawmill Road, Raleigh, NC 27615, USA
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