Meet Maestro

    Hello all,

    Last night's session was a lot to unpack and great information but I have probably a silly question for all of you Meet Maestro vets out there.  What is the order that you enter times?  So I am thinking and correct me if I am wrong. 

    1. Pink/Blues go from Runner (this is non-swimmingly) to Scorer

    2. Scorer accounts for any DQs, logs on the score sheet 

    3. Gives the Pink/Blues and DQs to whomever is logging them into Meet Maestro and at the same time ribbon writers (or printers) complete their task. 

    Do I have this right? 

    Also, we time all our heats and our competitors do their own do we log those in after the meet or during.  These ?s weren't really asked last night. 

    Thanks from a novice Meet Maestro

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